Norton Contreras Paredes, Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, Santiago de Chile, Chile

This review article aims to provide a general and up-to-date view of the neural processing models of consciousness, a topic that has aroused particular interest from the neuroscientific community to understand various phenomena associated with human behavior. It begins with the general statements about the concept of consciousness, the linked evolutionary and neuropsychological elements, the concept of consciousness defined as a state and as content experience, and also referring to its neural correlate. Finally, a general overview is given on how artificial intelligence is linked to the concept of consciousness and the main advances that have occurred so far. The aim of this review is to give the reader a global overview of the subject and its future projections, which are based on being a contribution to current knowledge on the subject and linking it to understanding human behavior in different contexts, ending in the approach of how machines they could resemble human behavior in the short or long term.

Keywords: Consciousness. Neural model of consciousness processing. Default network. Artificial intelligence.